SOC Swatch Library for SAi Flexi

Use Matthews Paint Colors in Your SAi Flexi Renderings and Presentations

Designers and architects can add colors from the Matthews Paint Spectrum of Color (SOC) to the swatch palette of SAi Flexi. Swatch palettes can also be added to Adobe® products and CorelDRAW®.

To Download the SOC Swatch Library Installer:
In version 13, the color library will be pre-installed. Also, this is an installer program, so you will need to use an administrator-level Windows account (and close out of SAi Flexi if you have it open).

  1. Click the download button below.
  2. A dialog box will prompt you to open (or save) the zipped file.
  3. Open the application within the zipped file and follow the installation steps, including any required by Windows Defender and/or other antivirus programs. For Windows Defender, click "More info" and then click the "Run anyway" button.
Download SOC Swatch Library

To Open the Full Table of a Color Family:

  1. Right-click the swatch table area and select "Open Table..." from the dialog menu.
  2. Open the Library folder and then the Matthews Paint SOC folder.
  3. Choose a color family and Open.
  4. Select a color from the table.

To Add Specific Colors to a Custom Table:

  1. Select "Solid fill" in the Fill/Stroke Editor.
  2. Click the "Advanced..." button.
  3. Click the Library tab, select Matthews Paint SOC from the Vendor dropdown, and then select a color family.
  4. Select colors and click the "← Add" button (or double-click the color name).
  5. Click OK, and you should see those colors in your custom table.

To Find the Closest Matthews Color:

  1. Select "Solid fill" in the Fill/Stroke Editor.
  2. Click the "Advanced..." button.
  3. Click the Find tab and select a color to match.
  4. Check the box next to Matthews Paint SOC in the list of vendors.
  5. Click the Search button (above the list).
  6. Select the closest match from the results.
  7. Go to the top left dropdown to select a swatch table where you want to save the new color, and click the "Add" (or "Replace") button.
  8. Click OK to use the color in your palette.

Download PDF of Sales Sheet

Note: The SOC Swatch Library is intended to be a convenient resource and is provided to you as-is. If you need help with using the SOC Swatch Library in your choice of software, beyond the simple steps outlined on this page, please consult the help content for that application. Matthews Paint Customer Service does not provide software support.