Amazing Pearls

Add Dramatic Effect to Your Color!

The Matthews amazing pearls are an additive powder that creates a dramatic effect of color for your sign paint that shifts at various angles.


The amazing pearl collection performs best when incorporated into a clear as a topcoat, over white or another color. For example, a gold or bronze pearl over a patina green will yield a film that at an acute angle will look just generally green and as you rotate it, you will get more of a gold or bronze effect. Even different base colors using the same topcoat will look much different. The most dramatic color shifts are produced over darker base colors. Pearls can also be incorporated directly into any topcoat solid color or metallic. A gold metallic will sparkle more and have a lighter down flop when gold pearl is added to it.
Care must be taken in spraying pearl topcoats to get an even look. The look can also be influenced by the amount of pearl added to the clear and how light or heavy it is applied. The pearls will give a new dimension for experimentation of sign paint color! You have to see these pearls for yourself!

Amazing Pearls Colors (6 ounce bottles):

  • 287190SP Crimson
  • 287192SP Opal Blue
  • 287193SP Gold Dust
  • 287195SP Frost White
  • 287196SP Russet
  • 287197SP Copper
  • MP23556 Aquamarine Pearl has been discontinued.

Amazing Pearls samples are available in the Spectrum of Color System.