The Proseco Collection

Silver-based Colors for the Most Refined Signage Designs

To create attention-grabbing sign graphics, specify the Proseco Collection of colors. These seven silver-based colors benefit from the color travel effect, altering the perceived color as people approach. This distinct look fits in a variety of environments, from warm classic to cool techno.

Features & Benefits:
  • Creates a unique and distinct look
  • Seven silver-based colors available
  • Element of color travel has been incorporated altering the perceived color as the viewing angle changes
  • Used in a variety of environments from classic to cool techno

"Brilliant! Simply wonderful and brilliant!" declares Heather Testa of Ten8 Group. "Matthews metallic Proseco Collection is a must spec for all future projects."

Proseco Collection Colors:

Color Conventional Low VOC
Gold Standard 48101SP SVOC1953SP
Silver Rose 48102SP SVOC1954SP
Brass Alloy 48103SP SVOC1955SP
Polished Pewter 48104SP SVOC1956SP
Bronze Hint 48105SP SVOC1957SP
Golden Glow 48107SP SVOC1959SP
Blue Steel 48108SP SVOC2431SP

Note: Proseco Collection colors are only available in Conventional Satin and Low VOC Satin.

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