Matthews Paint Intermix System

16 Base Colors.  Over 90,000 Custom Formulas.

Prepare to be amazed by the Matthews Paint Intermix System. This modular machine is quieter, safer and easier to maintain than most comparable sign paint systems. More importantly, it reduces your inventory, storage and waste, enhancing your efficiency and profitability. Please contact your sales representative to see if you are qualified to receive a Matthews Paint Intermix System.

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Download PDF of Intermix SystemDownload PDF of Intermix Toners
Features & Benefits:
  • 16 base colors, 2 transparent toners, and 4 additional toners to intermix metallic colors
  • Satin or Gloss; Conventional, Low VOC or Ultra Low VOC
  • Increase profitability and efficiency by reducing inventory, storage and waste
  • Formulas available from 150+ color systems (including Pantone and 3M Vinyl)
  • Easy to assemble, patented twist and lock tube system requires no tools
  • Shelves are easy to add, remove, and reposition as needed
  • Simple direct drive system requires few moving parts for less wear, easy maintenance, and quiet operations
  • Safe to operate with no accessible moving parts (CE, UL, CSA approved)
  • Sealed shelves eliminate potential contamination from paint and dust
  • Approved by engineers of an ISO 9001 approved company