Save Custom Online Formulas

The Online Color Formula Retrieval System allows users to save their company’s custom formulas to an online database for easy retrieval.*
MPC Quick Tip
To Add Formulas

1. Click “Add My Company Formulas”.

2. Enter formula number (alphanumeric) in “Customer Formula Number (CFN)” field.

3. Enter the color description in the “Color Name” field.

4. Select the “Product Line”.**

5. Enter “Intermediate” code and “Amount”, tabbing between columns. (The “Description” will populate, based on code entered.)

6. Click “Save” to add formula(s) to your company's online database.

To Find Formulas

1. Click “Find My Company Formulas”.

2. Enter either “Customer Formula Number” or “Color Name”. (A pull down menu will appear as you start typing to assist in the selection process.)

3. Click “Search” and the results will appear below.

4. Select the formula(s) to be printed or viewed.

5. Click “Add to Print Results” and the results will appear below.

6. Click the printer icon of the format needed. (Print Formulas: 8.5 x 11 or Print Label: Dymo Label) Notes can be added in the “Notes” field, prior to printing. The “List Price” reflects prices based on the July 2016 price list.

If you have any questions regarding this update, please call customer service at 800.323.6593.

* Only registered users assigned to your company will be able to access your formulas.
** The product line selection is determined by the product lines your company has access to. To change this selection, contact customer service at 1-800-323-6593.