Supply Chain Notification

Supply Chain Notification - 2.1 Epoxy Primer Hardener Quart Container

As communicated throughout this year, PPG and many other manufacturers continue to face a temporary shortage of containers in certain types and/or sizes due to a global supply chain issue.

The PPG planning, manufacturing and distribution team has been quickly resolving shortages as they arise. At this time, a particular quart container is not available. Therefore, we must temporarily transition one product to a version of the same container with an ‘over-cap’ employed.

Effective over the next several weeks, the following product will temporarily transition to this new container. The change is expected to be short-term, but we do not have clear information to provide an end date at this time. Please note the product and item numbers will remain the same during this time.

Matthews Paint Item No. - 274529SP/04
Description - 2.1 Epoxy Primer Hardener

We apologize for any inconvenience the change may cause and appreciate your support during this challenging situation. If the need arises to transition other product containers, a communication will be sent to you.

If you have any questions, please contact customer service at 1.800.323.6593.