Stop Sale Notification


IMPORTANT! Sales of materials listed below must be stopped immediately. The reported issue is "Paint Film Shrinking/Cracking." Failure to do so may result in claims for which we cannot be responsible.

To All Distributors:
  • The materials listed should be removed from your stock and returned to Matthews.
  • Check your customers' inventory to ensure these batches are removed from their shelves.
  • Double check all cabinets and other dealer stock.
  • Remove ONLY the batch numbers listed. All other batches are good, saleable material.
  • Questions? Contact MPC Customer Service at 1-800-323-6593 to determine the best course of action.
Item No. Description Lot No.
416 Lemon Yellow Q11-026
425 Pumpkin Q11-034
432 Permanent Red Q11-025
444 Apple Red Lead Free Q11-032
462 Carib Blue Q11-033
480 Black Q11-024
403/01 White Lead Free Q05-016
403/01 White Lead Free Q11-070
403/18DR White Lead Free Q11-046
403-18DR White Lead Free Q10-087
404/01 Blue White Lead Free Q12-042
406/01 White Concentrate Lead Free R01-041
416/01 Lemon Yellow R01-042
417/01 Buttercup Lead Free Q12-021
417/01 Buttercup Lead Free Q12-043
424/01 Sun Orange Lead Free R01-045
432/01 Permanent Red Lead Free R01-047
437LF Unique Red Lead Free R01-046
444/01 Apple Red Lead Free R01-044
446/01 Deep Plum Lead Free Q12-045
446/01 Deep Plum R01-048
461-01 Ocean Blue Lead Free R01-081
462-01 Caribbean Blue Lead Free R01-080
463/01 Bright Blue Lead Free Q12-022
463/01 Bright Blue Lead Free R02-018
470/01 Fir Green Lead Free Q06-016
471/01 Shamrock Green Lead Free R01-076
480/01 Black Q10-088
482/01 Hi-Hiding Black Lead Free Q12-046
498/01 Silver Gray Lead Free R01-079
801/PL White R01-107
806/01 White Concentrate R01-077
880/01 Black Q12-044
890/01 Clear Gloss Q05-036
891/01 Clear Matte Q12-020
L510002 Ivory 409-I Q09-044
L510028 NG McDonalds Red Q10-096
L510031 Light Grey Q11-098
L510104 47% 403 / 53% ZZ205 Q11-037
L510104 47% 403 / 53% ZZ205 R01-007
L510119 412 Buttercup Q10-001
L510120 415 Lemon Yellow Q10-028
L510124 Pitney Bowes PB Gray Q09-060
L5160/01 Red Q03-008
L5160/01 Red R01-056
L5160/01 Red R02-005
L5168/01 Hard Coat Clear R02-003
L7758 New Conoco Green Q11-039
L810004 Hardcoat Clear Q11-040
L810014 Dollar General Gray Q11-041
L8811 Daffodil Lead Free Q11-095
L8811 Daffodil Lead Free Q12-018
L9070 Lemon Yellow Q11-073
L9292 Permanent Red Q11-096
L9292 Permanent Red Q12-019
L9396-27DR Caseys Red Lead Free R02-021
LC1002 Lacryl C8-1002 Blue Q10-097
LC1356/01 John Deere Silver Q12-040
LC1434/01 Red 2XF R02-031
LC1954/01 Metallic Silver R02-007
LC1955/01 Hi-Hiding Gray Q12-024
LC2032 Poppy Orange Q10-110
LC2619 Cool Gray Q11-043
LC2619 Cool Gray Q12-014
LC2633 Yellow LF C-82633 Ink Q11-036
LC510031 Light Grey R01-049
LW94041/01 Jack In The Box Red Q08-106
ZZ861/01 Ocean Blue R01-078