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Quickly and Easily Repair Scratched or Damaged Signs!

Now it is easy to quickly repair signs in the field. Available in both MAP Conventional/SVOC and MAP Ultra Low VOC, you will find the same quality paint you have come to expect from Matthews Paint.

EZ Spray Video Instructions EZ Spray Instruction ChartsField Repair: Prep and Paint
EZ Spray Brochure EZ Spray Low VOC Brochure Field Repair: Prep, Prime, Paint

Paint and Hardener in One Can
EZ Spray’s 2-component technology comprises Matthews paint and hardener in one can so there is no need to worry about mixing in the field. The hardener is integrated in a separate cylinder and is released when the drive pin punctures the cylinder.

Features & Benefits
  • Custom Matthews Paint Conventional/SVOC paint, catalyst and propellant in an aerosol can
  • MAP Ultra Low VOC option is available
  • Durable two-part, professional polyurethane system
  • Theoretical transfer efficiency is 30% better than conventional spray equipment
  • Four times the pot life of conventional spray process
  • Any formula available today can be loaded into the can
  • Excellent for repairs in the field
  • Color indicator on cap depicts color in can
  • Covers 8-12 sq ft @ 2 mil per can
  • 6H compliant
No-Clean Aerosol Filling System
Put Away the Cleaning Solvent! This revolutionary filling system delivers perfectly blended aerosols without the need to clean between fillings.
  • No Cleanings: “No cleanings” means reduced operational costs, no cleaning solvent costs or hassles, and an increase in small quantity sale profits.
  • Safe to Operate: Filling only starts with complete closure of a metal shatterproof door.
  • Efficient & Waste Free: The entire paint contents are injected into the aerosol in one powerful movement with no loss of paint.
  • Color Indicator on Cap: A portion of the paint seals to the cap during the filling process to indicate color in can.
  • Compact  Design: About the size of a coffee maker, the filling system requires minimal counter space and recommended air pressure of 110 PSI.
MAP Ultra Low VOC
EZ Spray is also available in MAP Ultra Low VOC. This environmentally friendly, high-performance polyurethane paint provides greater durability, gloss retention and hiding than standard acrylic polyurethane paints.

EZ Spray is for professional use only and requires the use of standard personal protective equipment. EZ Spray is formulated for use with Matthews Paint only.

The AER2K10/EZ product is not intended for use within the state of California under CARB’s Regulation for Reducing Volatile Organic Compound Emissions from Aerosol Coating Products.

AER2K10/AER2K15 Technical Data Sheet PDF
MAP-LV2K10/MAP-LV2K15 Technical Data Sheet PDF