Q. Why should I use MAP Ultra Low VOC (MAP-LV)?

A. In addition to MAP-LV being an environmentally-friendly product, this revolutionary sign paint provides greater durability, gloss retention and hiding than standard acrylic polyurethane paints. Making the switch is easy with the same mix ratio, color selection and great customer service you have come to know from Matthews Paints. It really is the best of both worlds!

Q. How does MAP Ultra Low VOC high solids formula compare to sign paint industry standard acrylic polyurethane VOC levels of 2.8 or 3.5 VOC?

A. MAP-LV sign paint in solid colors has a VOC level, as applied, of less than 50g/L or 0.42 lbs/gallon. This is significantly lower and more environmentally friendly than standard acrylic polyurethanes! As applied, MAP-LV metallic formulas are less than 80g/L. In addition, MAP-LV has lower VOCs than similar automotive waterborne products.

Q. Is the mix ratio of MAP-LV similar to other topcoat Matthews product lines?

A. The mix ratio MAP-LV is 3:1:1—the same as all existing Matthews color lines.

Q. How does the MAP-LV compare to the existing broad color range of the current MAP color space of over 90,000 formulas?

A. All of the existing formulas are available in the MAP Low VOC sign paint product lines.

Q. What gloss levels are available in the MAP-LV sign paint line?

A. Both satin and gloss are available. Gloss levels in between can easily be achieved by mixing satin with the new MAP-LVC clears.

Q. How does the impact resistance compare to standard sign paint industry acrylic polyurethane products?

A. The MAP-LV sign paint product was designed to provide enhanced flexibility to the film base and has been measured to be 50% more impact resistant than industrial-grade polyurethane in direct and reverse impact testing. MAP-LV is resistant to expansion and contraction due to changes in the weather and has improved performance on flexible substrates.

Q. Does the MAP Ultra Low VOC have a brush and roll capability?

A. Yes! It was developed to be sprayed, brushed or rolled with no additional additives required. MAP-LV is formulated for excellent leveling in brush/roll applications for unparalleled appearance characteristics. The mix ratio for brush and rolling becomes easier than ever before with the MAP-LV.

Q. What benefits does the high solids formula provide me as a user?

A. MAP-LV, like all Matthews products, is formulated with maximum pigment volume content for the best possible hiding. The high solids product maximizes sign paint usage applied per pass and the combination results in excellent coverage characteristics.

Q. How does MAP Ultra Low VOC compare to typical conventional industrial-grade polyurethane in accelerated weathering tests?

A. Tests have proven MAP-LV's gloss retention to be two times better than typical conventional industrial-grade polyurethanes.

Q. What substrate adhesion tests have been done?

A. Aluminum, Steel, Daytona Board, Styrene, Kydex, Lexan Polycarbonate and clear acrylic plexiglass. We are continuing laboratory work on additional substrates.

Q. Is MAP-LV fully compatible with all other Matthews primers?

A. MAP-LV exhibits excellent adhesion over all Matthews primers.

Q. What companion products have been developed to complement the MAP Ultra Low VOC sign paint product line?

A. There are currently three clear coats (matte, satin, and gloss), three spray reducers, a brush/roll reducer, an ultra low VOC primer, and multiple accelerators available.