MeasureColor Mobile

Scan a Color in the Field, Find a Matching Matthews Paint Formula

As easy as 1-2-3: Scan a color with the handheld device, confirm the closest match in the connected mobile app, and then tap the link to retrieve the Matthews Paint formula.

Save Time and Money
Because you can achieve an accurate color scan on the spot, you will seldom need to send color samples to the Matthews Paint color lab. This will reduce your total quote, preparation, and turnaround time on projects.

Carry Anywhere
Weighing about an ounce, the scanning device easily fits in the palm of your hand. It pairs with the app installed on your smartphone or tablet. Scan a color in the field, get a Matthews Paint color formula where you stand. (An instrument carrying case is available.)

Additional Capabilities

  • Create custom palettes
  • Compare scanned colors
  • Cross-match colors across various color systems
Technical Details
  • Charges quickly and calibrates in two seconds
  • Lasts for thousands of scans
  • Includes cloud storage for all your saved colors, palettes and projects
  • Compatible with smartphones and tablets: iPhone 4S or newer, iPad 3rd Generation or newer, and Android 5.0 or newer
"The MeasureColor device works very well. The app is fast and intuitive; the device syncs easily and quickly to my phone. Last week we had two projects that we used it for and it was a big time saver...The color match was great!"
Jim Higashi, Product Development Director, The Bernard Group

"We are having great success with the three units we purchased. They are a great time saver and thus far the formulas selected are giving us acceptable matches. Our customers are equally impressed with the value these tools offer."
Charlie Parker, Regional Team Leader, Ben's Paint Supply

Get Started Today
Your subscription of $23/month* ($31 Canada), billed annually, includes one MeasureColor Mobile scanning device and one user license with access to all features in the mobile app. Order now and get the device in a couple days.

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Note: The makers of MeasureColor provide all sales and technical support online at measurecolormobile.com, via email at mcminfo@measurecolor.com, and via phone at 864.370.2990.

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